The automotive industry demands innovation, high accuracy, and quality, all of which are SiKEMIA strengths. Because we have high capacity production, we can produce large quantities with consistently high quality.

We supply linkers for passenger cars, racing cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Our molecules can be found in pneumatics, suspension systems, batteries, electronic components, paints,  windscreen and many others car parts.

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Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are revolutionizing the automotive battery field with their application in the development of more efficient and longer-lasting car batteries. Our contribution lies in providing cutting-edge, innovative linkers that enhance the performance of MOFs used within these batteries. These linkers can increase the surface area and electrical conductivity of MOFs, enabling higher energy densities and rapid charging capabilities. Integrating MOFs into car batteries not only improves their energy storage capacity but also reduces their weight and potential environmental impact. Our advanced linkers are pivotal in overcoming traditional battery limitations, propelling the automotive industry toward a more sustainable and powerful future.

Cross Linking agents for pneumatics

Effective crosslinking agents play a crucial role in the production of pneumatic tires, primarily through the vulcanization process. Vulcanization, a chemical process for converting rubber into more durable materials, relies on these agents to create cross-links between polymer chains, enhancing the elasticity and resilience of the tires. These crosslinking agents contribute to the tire’s ability to withstand deformation and abrasion, ensuring safety and longevity under varying pressures and temperatures. By improving the mechanical properties and thermal stability of the rubber, they are key to manufacturing high-performance pneumatics that deliver reliability and efficiency in handling, fuel economy, and overall vehicular performance.

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In the automotive industry, linkers play a pivotal role in the formulation of advanced paints, significantly enhancing vehicle aesthetics and longevity. These specialized chemical compounds serve as a bridge, firmly bonding the paint pigments and additives to the resin matrix. This strong linkage ensures uniform distribution of color, improved adhesion to metal surfaces, and resistance to chipping and fading. The durability imparted by these linkers is critical in automotive paints, as it provides protection against harsh environmental factors while maintaining the vehicle’s lustrous appearance. Moreover, the use of innovative linkers facilitates the creation of eco-friendly paint systems, aligning with the industry’s shift towards sustainable practices.

Electronic components

Linkers play an indispensable role in the reliability and efficiency of electronic components in automobiles. In applications such as epilame treatments, linkers are essential for creating ultra-thin films that enhance the surface properties of electronic parts. These molecular bridges bolster the adhesion of protective coatings, which are crucial for preventing friction and wear in intricate electronic mechanisms. Consequently, they significantly extend the lifespan of sensors, connectors, and circuits exposed to the extreme conditions of automotive environments. By ensuring the integrity and functionality of these components, linkers contribute to the safety, performance, and durability of modern vehicles, enabling advanced features from navigation to automated systems.


Linkers are essential in the advancement of windscreen technology within the automotive sector, particularly in enhancing water emergency responses and cleaning efficacy. These molecular connectors are integral to the development of hydrophobic coatings, ensuring that water droplets and contaminants are repelled swiftly from the glass surface. This feature is vital during inclement weather, dramatically improving visibility and safety. Furthermore, the bond strength provided by linkers allows for the development of durable, self-cleaning glasses that resist environmental pollutants and reduce the need for chemical cleaners. The result is a windscreen that not only maintains clarity but also contributes to the vehicle’s aerodynamics and efficiency, while upholding the aesthetic appeal of the car.

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