Advanced linkers for
Surface Functionalization
& Material Synthesis

Discover our range of more than 400 chemical compounds
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Catalog of 400 innovative compounds from gram to ton.
Browse with over 40 functions & 9 categories (Mofs, Organophosphorous…)

Functionalized Surfaces

R&D outsourcing service for custom surface modification using innovative technologies to meet industrial needs and overcome technological barriers.

Custom Synthesis​

Custom organic synthesis for your specific needs, using a variety of techniques and technologies.

Custom Solutions

Custom chemical solutions:
Precisely solubilized to your specifications.

Collaborative projects

Involved for more than ten years in various projects as a partner or leader of WP, SiKEMIA proposes you to collaborate through ANR, European or Eureka projects. Our know-how allows us to propose you innovative solutions in materials science and chemical technology, tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring cutting-edge advancements and sustainable development.

European & collaborative projects

Our latests projects


The BIO-SUSHY project proposes a complete operating framework for developing innovative repellent organic and hybrid coatings to obtain PFAS-free alternatives.


The overall objective of MOF4AIR is to demonstrate the performances of MOF-based COcapture technologies in power plants and energy intensive industries.


This project develop a nanotechnology-based process to recycle rare earth elements, reducing the EU’s reliance on imported REEs and benefiting its green energy and high-tech industries.


Developing new solid hybrid catalysts for the efficient and sustainable production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Our Missions

SiKÉMIA, a French enterprise, excels in the field of material surface functionalization, offering a range of specialized products and services. We meet the diverse needs of industrial companies, regardless of their size, by providing solutions through our products and services in material surface functionalization.

SiKÉMIA aids manufacturers in overcoming technical challenges in various sectors, such as:

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